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Сonditions of residence

The rules of residence in leasehold apartment

Rules of residence are common and obligatory for all guests staying in ‘DOMANT Apartments’.

Day let apartments in Novosibirsk are intended for the temporary residence for the term agreed with the ‘DOMANT Apartments’ Administration.

The price includes:

  • Use of conveniences in bathroom and hallway, clean linen, furnishings and household appliances;
  • Use of the Wi-Fi Internet and cable television
  • For longer stays housekeeping and toiletries provision is performed every fourth day (frequency is negotiable);
  • For longer stays bed linen and towels are changed every fourth day;
  • Cleaning, linen and towels change on request are provided at extra cost;
  • «DOMANT Apartments» does not provide catering services. However, all of the offered by the company apartments have kitchen with all necessary appliances and dishes.


  • The apartments are not rented to persons under the age of 22 years and for parties!
  • Large companies and youngsters are not accepted!
  • We are friends with neighbors and respect their rights!


Resident agrees:

  1. To ensure the safety of adopted temporary use apartments and property;
  2. To adhere to the established order of residence in the apartment;
  3. To observe cleanliness;
  4. To observe strictly fire safety rules, including smoking ban in the apartment;
  5. To turn off electrical appliances and lighting, and to close all the windows and doors before leaving;
  6. To be liable for damages or losses of apartment property committed by himself (herself) or third parties invited by him (her);
  7. To immediately report to Administrator about any faults found in appliances and property.

Guests are prohibited from:

  1. Disturbing other residents (neighbors), including disturbing with loud sounds, especially from 22:00 to 8:00;
  2. Leaving unauthorized persons in the apartment and giving them the keys;
  3. Improper use of the property of the apartment (including bed linen and towels), taking the property out of the apartment, spoiling it, and rearranging furniture;
  4. Disregarding opened taps, switched-on electric cookers, switched-on electric heaters and other appliances;
  5. Walking through the rooms in street shoes;
  6. Keeping flammable materials, weapons or drugs;
  7. Smoking in places non-equipped for this purpose;
  8. «DOMANT Apartments» is not responsible for the safety of your valuables which are in the apartment during the rental period;
  9. In case any forgotten things are found, the Administration will make steps to return them back to owner.

    The Company reserves the right to terminate the leaseagreement if you violate public order.